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The school offers a multidisciplinary curriculum which reflects three way system of education, it involves the traditional, international an Montessori system of teaching and learning. Creativity is the core for this millennium, and subject areas we incorporate creativity, hands-on activities and special projects.


The curriculum takes place in a form of continuous assessment which takes place throughout the children’s reception year and culminates in final summary at the end of the year.

As a multidisciplinary an model school, children are assessed on a variety of learning skills which includes cognitive, social, emotional development, physical, communication, language, and literacy, mathematical knowledge, knowledge and understanding and creativity.

Our mission in children of the Vine International and Montessori school is to meet the need of the total child with respect to their spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs. Also, our commitments to prepare and develop faith-filled responsible citizens and life-long learners who can meet the challenge of today’s diverse world.