Fees & Scholarships

Fees and Scholarships
Fee Payment Procedures

Fee payments may be made at the Finance Office of the school.

Miscellaneous payments of less than GHS 40 should also be made in cash at the Finance Office.

Incoming students must pay all fees for a semester before the first day of class.

Returning students must pay ½ of total fees for the semester before the first day of class. The remaining fees must be paid within 4 weeks of the start of the semester. Payments not made by this deadline will incur a penalty. Please contact the Finance Office for more information on penalties.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances will students be allowed to take final exams until their fees for the semester have been paid in full.


Scholarships are available for brilliant but needy students. Interested students should download application forms from the university’s website or pick one from the dean of students’ office
Completed application forms should be submitted to the dean of students’ office.
Agreement & conditions for Scholarships:


Download Scholarship Application Forms here