Margaritta Shalders Ministries Int. Foundation has over some years sponsored and offered scholarship to youths and individuals with the help of The Vine University and Training College. Out of the scholarships teachers caregivers managers and entrepreneurs and many innovators have derived from it in our nation Ghana and worldwide

Our education scholarships cover the following courses;

  1. Theology
  2. Education
  3. Health care
  4. Hospitality

To apply for a scholarship, complete the form below but carefully read the terms and condition below first

Scholarship Agreement & Conditions

Students should know that Margshal Foundation scholarship is not a personal gift but rather an agreement between the student and the Foundation under which the students must agree by signing to abide by the condition stated below in return for which the foundation will also make certain commitments

This Scholarship Agreement is between the MAGSHAL FOUNDATJION, a non-profit corporation with its registered office in Accra, Ghana, in the TVUTC (Thereinafter called Margshal) and the person whose name appears below (hereinafter called “Student”).

The considerations of the scholarship offer by Margshal to Student, the parties hereto agree as follows;


  1. By acceptance of the scholarship offered Student by Margshal, Student agrees to comply with the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of both Margshal and of the Vine Universal Training College which Student attends in.
  2. Student recognizes that regulations pertaining to both academic and social life is the will probably be different form that to which student is accustomed. Student agrees to attend classes regularly, to complete classroom and academic assignments and to observe hostel regulations of the institution that the student attends in Accra or any other study center.
  3. International students should understand that immigration regulations in Ghana will require that student be enrolled for a full course of study as determined by the professional program the student intends to read.
  4. Student understands and agrees that the normal visits the needs of the AGED(the Agewell Division), word outreach(evangelism) professional education outreach the public health services, community impact services, Business advisory services to petty traders and upon invitation, the families will form time to time mutually agree on such humanitarian services.
  5. I do authorize the Margshal Foundation or the Vine to release my name, scholarship information and biographical information, including course of studies and year in school to the public through newspaper and other publications for the purpose of public relation an advertisement an I waive any legal privilege which I may have in connection with the release of the information and document.
  6. Student understand and agrees that the duration of the scholarship is six/one scholastic/academic year and that in no instance or under any circumstances will the scholarship be extended until a fresh scholarship application process is initiated.
  7. Student understands that The Vine will in addition to providing the regular support to tuition cost 3000.00 per semester for books, hostel fee and other practical related cost at the TVUTC. All cost and responsibilities with respect t transportation, insurance, passport, visas, personal spending money, inoculations (if international student), and other expenses are the responsibility of the student.
  8. Student agrees to complete and return to the Vine the insurance certification form which certifies that student has obtained, at student’s sole and own expense, insurance coverage for the period of time beginning with student’s departure from home until student’s return home an even if the study is pursuing the program from a study center.
  9. Student understands and accepts the responsibility of being a good and exemplary “ambassador” of student country, former institution and or current employer, and recognizes that student behavior and general conduct must at all times be above reproach, so that the primary purpose of the program, that is, creating professional intellectual wealth building, advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through friendship, be achieved.
  10. By entering this agreement and acceptance of the scholarship, student agrees to indemnify and hold The Vine an its Trustees harmless of and forms any and all demands, claims, liabilities or actions of any kind whatsoever.
  11. Student understands and agrees that scholarship granted may be withdraw or terminated for cause in the sole discretion of the President, Vice of th The Vine of Dean of Students Affairs of the Academy.
  12. The scholarship package is not transferable and cannot be deferred in any given period.