The Diaspora

The “emergence of Christendom in the diaspora” is to see God through Christ bringing us together transcending cultural and race barriers, regardless of our differences. It is only through Christ Jesus that we can see our way forward in the midst of disagreements and challenges.

Scattering, dispersing and relocation due to family, social, economic reasons is all part of the Diaspora movement. When God is invited into homes, schools, work, communities and society as a whole then we will find love, unity and peace in an increasing multiracial and multicultural environment.

Members of the Diaspora which means ‘Times Of Travel or Passage Of Time’. please you are welcome to add family photos to this great page of Zion train through our Facebook page. everyone has member of family who has traveled or is in the passage of traveling. get on board and thank the Lord. recent pictures are paternal and maternal families.